We always pay attention to the technological innovation and put our experience at the disposal of our Customers, to answer their needs and offer a wide range of products and Special Applications.

Our Special Applications are Cards and Integrated Labels, that are directly obtained from the printed material itself, accelerating and optimizing the productive work and ennobling it with high-added value products.

These are completely customizable cards, that can be realized in various thickness and texture, coated with plastic on both sides, writeable, and can be employed for different purposes. Among our productions you can mainly find fidelity cards, shopping cards, insurances for journeys or vehicles, students identification, service cards for members, discounts for supermarkets, badges for libraries, personal cards…

Everything made through a customised printing that gives life to your ideas.


The Labels Integrated to the support can be stamped with bar codes, personal details or other variable data through hot laser printers. They can be realized with permanent or removable adhesive and are printed in various sizes.


Our Integrated Cards can be totally customized with variable data, depending on your requests. They are writeable, can be coated with plastic on both sides and are available in various types of thickness and texture. The integration to the support guarantees the practicality in obtaining the final product ready to be used by the consumer.

The quality of the printing and the personalization will make your Cards original and exclusive.