Grafiche Sestante S.rl.’s history is firmly connected to the printing of Continuous Forms. The birth of our Company in 1988, in effect, started from the choice of using technologies and rotary machineries with the aim of working in the market of the printing of small and medium print runs, still little developed, and of being competitive in responding to the sector’s challenges.

The choice of using this type of machinery has been originated from the will of offering a high-quality service, taking advantage of the speed and agility in the change of the printing formats and of the modularity of the productive processes, reducing the goodwill times.

Today, we’re chosen as partners by Companies that want a highly qualified and customized printing service. The offset printing in continuous forms is the preferred system for the production of a great variety of documents: from Labels to Administrative and Fiscal Prints, from Booklets to photographic, optic and for jewelleries Envelopes.


Grafiche Sestante S.r.l. deals with the production of each type of Continuous Form referring to accounting and administration: from the simplest prints to the most sophisticated and in more colours ones.

Among the main productions you will find invoices, transport documents, headed papers, carbon copy blocks, self-packaging and self-gluing prints and other kinds of paperworks.


We produce Booklets made in multiple copies, glued together by chemical paper or hand-use, and carbon papers gathered together in blocks, with bottom and cover.

The intended uses of these products are many: carbon copies, invoices, orders, delivery notes, loading and unloading documents, orders for restaurants, hotels and many other scopes of using.


We produce Envelopes of different sizes, printed in several colours and fully customized, intended for diverse uses and commercial activities, such as jewellers, opticians and photography shops, watchmakers.

Each format is realized in both hand-use and chemical paper, suitable for containing lens and glasses, jewels and precious stones, photos and negatives, watches.


We deal with the printing of each type of Adhesive Label in different formats to add value to your products in a simple and efficient way. Labelling an object or a product means giving it a precise identity, in order to make it immediately recognizable among similar ones and identify its use.

All the Companies that need to signal information and data, such as rules for the treatment of a product, useful numbers, advertising signs, logos, bar codes, can find in the Adhesive Labels the answer to their needs.

We produce labels with different forms, without limits in colours and printed in continuous line through offset technique, usable on any dot matrix printer. Moreover, we realize label sheets for laser and inkjet printers, and copy machines. All the products are available in customised formats, answering to your most specific needs.