Grafiche Sestante S.r.l. since 2008 started an innovation and evolution process of its product line, seeing on the market new opportunities for the use of the Special Applications.

After a long initial test phase, we have been among the precursors, at both national and international level, in the application of the FISCODE®, a certificated system for the safe communication of PIN codes and other reserved data, by Folien Fischer AG.

Through the FISCODE® we promote an extremely safe system for transferring PIN numbers, validation codes and any other private data, where secrecy and integrity are of vital importance.

The printed code can be read only after an irreversible manipulation of the application, so each illegal alteration allows the recipient to immediately gain knowledge about any fraudulent activity. The increase of the frauds on credit card requires efficient actions, starting from the communication of personal data and classified codes. For this reason, in Grafiche Sestante we promote, as Folien Fischer licensee, one of the safest systems for the transmission to the final consumer.

FISCODE® represents the best solution for Banks and Financial Institutions, Public Administrations, Pharmaceutical and Telephony Companies, Insurance Companies, and for all the commercial activities where is necessary the safe transmission of confidential data, such as PIN codes, passwords, banking and access data, mobile telephony codes.

This technology is characterized by the safety certification for tamper-proof, its great predisposition to customization and the great ease of use by the final consumer.