In Grafiche Sestante we’ve been operating in the offset printing sector for thirty years, dealing with the production of Continuous Forms, Labels, Envelopes, Commercial Printing, with the possibility of the insertion of Special Applications, such as integrated Cards, removable Labels and the FISCODE® for sending classified codes.

Today, the intended uses of our products are many. Personal cards, continuous forms, adhesive labels, envelops, cards integrated to the support, FISCODE®, thanks to our personalization, are used for countless applications: insurances for vehicles or journeys, students identification, discounts for supermarkets, PIN code for sending ATM and credit cards’ secret codes, labels for luggage, membership service cards and for sport associations…



Our traditional production ranges from the printed form to the booklet until 5/10 printing colours and this, together with an active collaboration with the best raw materials producers, allows us to respect a high and constant qualitative standard on all our production and to offer to our Customers fully personalised and original products, enhancing their own Direct Marketing operations destined to the final user.

Starting form our opening, we’re chosen as partners by Companies that wish a highly qualified and customised print service. The offset printing in Continuous Forms is the preferred system for the production of a great variety of documents, from the simplest prints to the most sophisticated and in more colours ones, in personalised formats for answering to your most specific needs: Labels, Administrative and Fiscal Prints, Booklets, and photographic, optical and for jewelleries Envelopes.





The experience gained and the high level of specialization in the realization of Continuous Forms and prints for Direct Marketing, allowed us over time to add to our offer the Special Applications: products, such as Cards and Labels, obtained from the prints and integrated to them, that ennoble the finished product, giving it an added value. Starting from the first installations of the digital technologies in 1995, we believed in the development and in the future of this market, investing in new equipment and in versatile and modular machineries, which would permit a diversification of the products line and the optimization of the entire manufacturing process.

In the last few years, to cover the more and more diverse necessities of the Customers and further evolve our products line, various productive processes have been tuned up. So, in 2008, we introduced the FISCODE®: a highly technological solution, a registered trademark by Folien Fischer AG, that guarantees the safe transmission of sensible data. In Grafiche Sestante we have been among the precursors in the application of this product at both an international and European level, and today we are the only operators in the sector to have the technologies that can apply it, as well as being the licensee of some other Folien Fischer AG’s products, including the integrated cards system FOFIPLAST®.