Grafiche Sestante S.r.l. offers to its Customers totally customized and original products, able to enrich the Direct Marketing operations destined to the final consumer, thanks to the “Variable Data Printing” technology.

The printing of variable data (VDP) is a type of digital printing where elements such as text, graphic and images can be modified and customized without stopping or making the printing process slow. This means that, in the same session, multiple documents are produced, each one with a different and focused, and so unique, message, without altering neither the productivity nor the printing process.

The main idea of the personalization process is to give the Customer a custom-made product, reflecting the characteristics of the recipient. The precise knowledge of the data of each recipient and the cautious management of them, allow the Company to catch the recipient’s attention, making them feel special.

In Grafiche Sestante we offer quality products in terms of materials, printing and production speed. Moreover, thanks to our long-term experience, we can suggest you the best solution to obtain a good product custom-tailored for the final consumer.


Our long-term experience in the promotional field allows us to realize products that can enrich your Direct Marketing operations with a touch of originality and personalization.

The dispatch of your communications or advertising materials for correspondence has to adapt to quality and creativity criteria, to catch the recipient’s attention. For this reason, whatever the type of your mailing, we will help you realize it with the best precision and cure of the details.

Moreover, we will guide you in the best choice of materials, formats or other features that best adapt to your message and target.

Greater the personalization, greater the added value.